CHI 2015 Workshop

Experiencing Autonomous Vehicles:
Crossing the Boundaries between a Drive and a Ride

Workshop at ACM CHI 2015 Conference, Seoul, Korea

Call for participation:
Submission deadline (extended): 19th January 2015
Notifications: 13th February 2015
Workshop: 19th April 2015 (Sunday)

Despite decades of research Autonomous Driving has only recently started to gain major attention from academia and industry. Research organizations and companies have developed (semi-)autonomous vehicles and the first in-situ studies have been conducted.

This one-day workshop covers the crossovers between user experience (UX) research and driving/riding in (semi-)autonomous vehicles. The focus lies in an in- depth discussion on challenges and potentials for UX and autonomous vehicles among industry experts and researchers.

We will explore various areas such as methodological issues, human factors, entertainment, social driving, and novel user interface approaches. The overall aim of the workshop is to discuss the future landscape for research within and across each these areas.

To explore these areas we invite researchers and practitioners to submit their project experience (e.g. work-in-progress, demo, etc) or position on one of the following topics (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Driver and passenger interaction with (semi-)autonomous vehicles
  • Handover situations between drivers and automated cars
  • User experience of autonomous drivingĀ (e.g., acceptance, trust and driving fun)
  • Novel user interface approaches including natural and gaze interaction, subliminal information, and brain computer interfaces
  • Driver information displays and how they differ from non-autonomous modes
  • Experience studies with autonomous vehicles in the lab and in the field
  • Study and evaluation methods for autonomous driving
  • Entertainment for drivers and passengers in autonomous cars, as well as gamification approaches
  • Ethical issues of autonomous driving

The focus of the workshop is on brainstorming ideas to help define the topic area and to foster a longer-lasting community. The workshop will include position paper presentations as well as hands-on featuring break-out sessions. The goal of the workshop to have a research agenda for autonomous driving as well as innovative designs to tackle some of the problems raising for HCI research.

Workshop candidates are invited to submit a position paper (max. 4 pages in the CHI extended abstract format) to the workshop organizer Alexander Meschtscherjakov (alexander.meschtscherjakov(at) At least one author must register for the workshop and the CHI conference.

Alexander Meschtscherjakov, University of Salzburg
Manfred Tscheligi, University of Salzburg, Austrian Institute of Technology
Dalila Szostak, Google
Rabindra Ratan, Michigan State University
Roderick McCall, University of Luxembourg
Ioannis Politis, University of Glasgow
Sven Krome, RMIT University